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About XYearn Finance

XYFI is a fork of Yearn Finance (YFI) technology that aims to be an independent. The platform aggregates numerous protocols. For instance, when users deposit, the platform will automatically allocate user funds to the recent consensus with the massive revenue, and provide users an inscription In order to verify the ownership and incomes of XYFI token. The platform enable users to withdraw their initial deposited tokens and income via XYFI Token which can also be exchange to any cryptocurrency.

Join Sales

Sales Token Allocated

The total supply of XYFI is 40,000, and the total number of 3,000 XYFI will be airdrops and use for referrals.

We donated 500 XYFI to the YFI technical team for their support. Check our contract to see the transaction.

Presale is allocated to 10,000 XYFI and Crowdfunding is allocated to 25,000 XYFI and both are in two phases.

How To Buy XYFI

Use your ethereum wallet address to send ETH to the crowdfunding address provided on this platform.

XYFI token will be automatically distributed to your wallet address you used to send ETH in equivalent to the market price and time received once the airdrop end.

Multiple ETH can be transferred, automatically aggregated.

Please note that once your account is detected cheating, your airdrop and reward won't be credited during the distribution and ETH will be refund back if happened that you participated outside sales time or we got sold out before you send.

Crowdfunding & Distribution Rules

PreSale is allocated to 10,000 XYFI and sales is pegged in two phases. Phase I - 5,000 XYFI and Phase II - 5,000 XYFI.

Phase I: Price 1 ETH = 40 XYFI.

Phase II: Price 1 ETH = 30 XYFI.

Crowdfunding is allocated to 25,000 XYFI and sales is pegged in two phases. Phase I - 12,500 XYFI and Phase II - 12,500 XYFI.

Phase I: Price 1 ETH = 20 XYFI.

Phase II: Price 1 ETH = 15 XYFI.

The distribution of XYFI will be based on ETH time arrived. The earlier the participation, the greater the success rate of your investment. Once crowdfunding is completed, ETH will be automatically refunded to unsuccessful participants.

Why XYearn Finance (XYFI)

Competitive Benefit

Safe & Secure
Easy Payment
Daily Cash Outs
Smart Application
Road Map

XYearn Finance

XYearn Finance App

Mobile App Soon

XYearn Finance APPs will be build for easier access to decentralized wallets, defi, and to reduce the stress of operating the platform.

XYearn Finance APPs brings Yield data, Protected decentralized wallet, Unlimited scalability, and smoothness on Defi aggregator.