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About XYearn Finance

XYearn Finance Is now the #1 decentralized financial auto-yield aggregate for all holders of XYFI to automatically earn YFI directly to their wallet on every transactions on the smart chain including staking, Liquidity mining, Yield Farming and many more!.

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New Sales Token Allocated

The total supply of XYFI is 100,000,000,000 (100 Billion) and the total number of 95 Billion XYFI will be use for Fairlaunch via pancakeswap.

4 Billion XYFI will be allocated to our developers and the team for their effort to bring XYFI live on BSC network while holders earn YFI directly in their wallet.

1 Billion is allocated to Airdrop phase 1 and 2 and influencer partnership.

How To Buy XYFI

Firstly, get a BSC wallet address and please get your self familiar with Pancakeswap on how to buy and sell in the platform because XYFI wont do anymore presale as we have determined to do only Fairlaunch in the Pancakeswap platform and this will enable everyone to buy XYFI early before the price boom.

Upon contibuting into the Fairlaunch during the announcement on our channels (Telegram and maybe twitter) via Pancakeswap, you will immediately receive your XYFI token in your wallet, then hold to start receiving Auto-yield dividend paying in YFI that is been automated in our new developed contracts

Multiple BSC(BNB) can be contributed during the fairlaunch, is automatically aggregated and paid dividend.

XYFI Protocol

XYFI token is established on an Auto-aggregate and on an Auto-yield Dividend which means all profit in this new contract on BSC network will be automatically converted to YFI and will be divide equally to the holders of XYFI. Anytime a user is processed for a dividends, the new smart contract checks how many withdrawable dividends they have in a record on the smartchain, and if any user is above the minimum threshold for auto-yield dividends/claims, the smart contract will either automatically claim those dividends for YFI, or automatically buy back XYFI tokens for users.


Every $XYFI Token transaction (purchased or sold) has 18% automatic tax.

$XYFI TOKEN creates 3 simple function with this transaction tax:

10% Automatic $YFI Redistribution – 10% of every transaction is AUTOMATICALLY redistributed to the holders of XYFI. Auto-Claim $YFI to the Holders Wallet on every transaction reward cycle. (You have to be holding a minimum of 100,000 $XYFI Tokens)

5% Marketing Tax – The marketing wallet will receive 5% tax from the transactions and also as reflections. Receiving in BNB/YFI, because when the marketing wallet receives the own project token, it needs to be sold at once to pay for marketing and this makes the price radically fall.

3% Automatic Liquidity Pool – 3% of every transaction contributes will be automatically generating liquidity on PancakeSwap

Why XYearn Finance (XYFI)

Competitive Benefit

Safe & Secure
Easy Payment
Daily Cash Outs
Smart Application
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XYearn Finance

XYearn Finance App

Mobile App Soon

XYearn Finance APPs will be build for easier access to decentralized wallets, defi, and to reduce the stress of operating the platform.

XYearn Finance APPs brings an Auto-Yield data, Protected decentralized wallet, Unlimited scalability, and smoothness on Defi aggregator.